Exeter Phoenix

This list contains all events in the Exeter Fringe Festival performance programme taking place at Exeter Phoenix. Further events lists are as follows:


Conny Hancock

15 Oct 2021 07:00PM | £12 (£10.50 conc.)

Conny can’t get her garden to grow. She’s tried everything and honestly? It’s beginning to piss her off. On top of that, she’s trying to navigate tricky love interests, frustrating doctors appointments, and a new career. Oh. And she’s also really hairy.

Conny Hancock presents a light-hearted one-woman show touching on her lived experience with having polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Nhair is a hilarious, empowering and brutally honest ode to self-love, exploring what it’s like to not quite fit into the mould of a stereotypical woman. Expect laughs, cries, and awful ukulele playing.

The Geneva Convention of Human F**ks

Yet To Be

15 Oct 2021 08:30PM | £12 (£10.50 conc.)

Written by Charlie Whitworth

‘You place your order and sit down in one of the cubicles. The girl you’ve ordered comes over, delivers the coffee and then ducks under the table to get to business.’

Three blokes decide to do an epic grand tour of Europe to sample all the forbidden and exploited delights that the continent has to offer.

Performed entirely by female actors, The Geneva Convention of Human F**ks follows Liam, Peter and Michael on their travels as they revise what they think is right and wrong, challenge their friendship to breaking point and question their relationship as men to women.

Tales From the Underworld

Bluecap Adventures

16 Oct 2021 12:00OM | £12 (£10.50 conc.)

Once, in an ancient land, the rocks of the earth broke open and a young goddess was dragged down beneath. Today she returns to tell the stories she has carried back.

Want to know how they go? So do we! You’ll choose the path through tales of trapped gods, rivers of fire and desperate grasps for the light. Will you traverse the Duat, battle Hel, or take Hades on at his own game? Decide what the characters should do, then leave their fate and yours to the roll of the dice.

Tales from the Underworld is environmentally produced, based on mythology from around the world and from your own back garden.

Apocalypse Kernow

OMF Theatre

16 Oct 07:00PM | £12 (£10.50 conc.)

The story focuses on what brought the zombie disease to Cornwall – it were the pasties, no, that’s Devonian propaganda. It moves on to how the Cornish deal with it, well, they don’t evacuate to Devon that’s for sure. It answers the tough questions like should you murder a zombie eating a cream tea? 

Well, only if they go cream first. Then the zombies get rights, they’re not zombies see, just people having a hard time. Come on! I bet the government will only intervene once London is affected, that’d be right.


Ugly Duck Theatre

16 Oct 08:30PM | £12 (£10.50 conc.)

“Mental” is a behind-the-scenes look at Autism. We follow a day in the life of Jake, an autistic teenager trying to navigate the trials and tribulations of a day at college. Throughout the show we see Jake’s brain symbolised by a somewhat frantic man in an office who is trying his best to keep up with the ever changing social life of Jake. And being an Autistic brain, has a bit more to do than others…

Life is hard for any teenager, but for Jake, it’s straight up hard work. Jake is Autistic, which means that some of the things that come very easily for some people, getting up early, socialising, partying etc. Prove much more of a challenge. And even though he is able to appear ‘normal’ a lot of the time, things are much more frantic behind the scenes! This show is a funny, touching and insightful look at the ‘behind the scenes’ of Autism which culminates in Jake doing one of the hardest things known to man. Talking to girls…

The Zoo That Comes to You

Scarlet Oak Theatre

17 Oct 12:00PM | £12 (£10.50 conc.)

The Zoo That Comes To You follows the impassioned attempts of two animal enthusiasts to share their love of and concern for animals with the world. They have spent the last eight years taking in animals that need respite, care or a temporary home and have, accidentally, ended up with a sanctuary full of animals. However, no-one has come to visit their zoo! So everybody – animals and humans alike – have decided it is time to get out, see the world, and bring the zoo, to you.

Come and meet this eclectic group of charming yet cheeky animals, as they discuss their life experiences and the challenges they face in a rapidly changing world dominated by humans. These animals have a lot to say and want to inspire people of all ages to take action, because they know small actions can make a big difference in the world.

Featuring puppetry, live music and playful characters, Scarlet Oak Theatre welcomes you to join the conversation about animal conservation.

Yay!: The Search for Happiness

Robert Garnham

17 Oct 07:00PM | £12 (£10.50 conc.)

Robert is a poet. And he’s happy. Or is he? After the death of a favourite aunt, he decides to find out exactly what it means to be happy. He ends up as a poet-in-residence on a fish factory ship in a search for contentment on the high seas. What could possibly go wrong? Comedy and poetry collide head on in this new show from the Professor of Whimsy.

Saving Britney

Fake Escape

17 Oct 08:30PM | £12 (£10.50 conc.)

“I fell in love instantly. From the moment I saw her on CD:UK. Cat Deeley introducing her like John The Baptist preparing the way of the Lord…”

For Millennials like Jean, they grew up with Britney Spears. Over the course of an hour see how the Princess of Pop influenced Jean’s life and how the connections shared between them lead to an unbelievable moment of self-discovery.

Inspired by the #FreeBritney movement, Saving Britney is a hilarious and heartbreaking look at celebrity obsession, sexuality and growing up in the early noughties; featuring more nostalgia than you can shake a Tamagochi at!