Family Theatre Headline Acts 2019

We’ve got over 100 performances and 80 acts taking place across the festival, but at the Barnfield Theatre in the main auditorium there’s a few family theatre headline acts so we wanted to tell you a little bit about them. See the full programme and book tickets here.

Hey Diddle Diddle

Goblin Theatre

26 July, 14:00 | £14.50 (£13 conc., £9.50 child)

Barnfield Theatre | 50mins | 3+

A hilarious adventure filled with music and puppetry. When the full moon shines bright there’s magic in the air, and all the animals come out to play. Stay up late with flying cows, jazzy cats, laughing dogs, runaway crockery, farting sandwiches and dancing sausages as we jump and jive to the music. With original music, brilliant puppetry and lots of laughter, this new show is a wild and musical celebration of nonsense. Goblin are an acclaimed theatre company who make shows for young people and families.

For previous shows:

‘Funny and beautiful… dazzling’

The Guardian

‘A real treat’

The Stage

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Hysterical Histories

Katie Pritchard

26 July, 19:00 | £14.50 (£13 conc., £9.50 child)

Barnfield Theatre | 45mins | 5+

Join freelance historical tour guide, Katie Pritchard, on this high-octane tour of history. Katie will bring history to life LIVE before your very eyes with songs about how much King Henry VIII loves his wives, and Joan of Arc’s obsession of cheese. Armed with her many incredible (very obviously handmade) costumes that often look nothing like the historical figure they’re representing, this show packs a punch, with laughs for kids and adults alike.


Musical Comedy Awards 2019

‘An extremely silly musical version of history’

Bruce Dessau

‘Inventive and hilarious’

Broadway Baby

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Margo & Mr. Whatsit

Paddleboat Theatre

28 July, 14:00 | £14.50 (£13 conc., £9.50 child)

Barnfield Theatre | 50mins | 4+

Sophia’s imaginary friend is called Mr. Whatsit. No matter where Sophia finds herself living, he’s always there with a new joke to tell and a new game to play. But when Sophia moves into her new foster home, Mr Whatsit finds himself unimagined! Now Sophia has a new imaginary friend – the glamourous, grown-up Margo. Can Mr. Whatsit’s childish playfulness keep him from being unimagined for good? And with her imaginary friends competing against each other, will Sophia manage to find her forever home? An interactive make-believe tale where the real and imaginary collide, and friends are never far away.

‘Every moment is filled with magic, ebullience and joy’

Fringe Guru

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Rox Papers and The Scissors

Gone to the Dogs Productions

1 Aug, 14:00 | £14.50 (£13 conc., £9.50 child)

Barnfield Theatre | 60mins | 8+

Democracy. It throws up all sorts of stuff. Join us and watch Rox, Paper and The Scissors as they battle to become School President but find out the hard way that not all elections are fought fairly. When head girl Paper is blamed for vandalising the school’s vending machine, can she defend her position as head of the School Council against school bully, Rox, and disruptive class clown, The Scissors? Or will the trolls on social media win, and oust her from power? You choose. You have one vote. Use it wisely. This is a fun, fast-paced and sometimes silly show about democracy.

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