Sam Parker and Ryan Wilce’s latest collaboration Dreckly at The Phoenix on Sunday 4th August at 9pm. Book tickets here.

A future where the UK is split up and full of disarray doesn’t seem to impossible with current state of affairs… But now image that it’s Cornwall which decides to go its own way, splitting off from the rest of the country. That’s the scenario of Dreckly, a South West, home-grown, dark-comedy following two brothers and their involvement with the ‘Cornish Nationalist movement’. A movement that is in favour of Cornwall becoming an independent channel island. The audience will meet the two brothers at the aftermath of the final big push from the movement when the Tamar Bridge has been blown up, but not all is as it seems.

Why has the bridge been blown up? Will Cornwall survive under the reign of the Cornish Nationalist Movement? Is Plymouth really just Torquay but with a sizeable lighthouse?

Both Sam and Ryan are very passionate about creating work that has the South West at the heart of it. ‘Dreckly’ brings a gritty storyline, characters with great depth and with much more to the story than laughing at the character with the ‘Janner’ accent.

This particular piece from Sam comes from frustration with the current state of public discourse. What conversations we’re having, the way we’re having them and the ineffective results of said conversations. That felt particularly relevant to the South West, given the fact that people who live elsewhere in the UK often seem to be on a different wavelength when it comes to key issues. We think that it is because of this inability to communicate with each other, that we are far more susceptible to the blurring of fact and fiction by those in power.

‘Only brothers I ever knew now think I hate ’em. That I’m gonna inform on ’em, for…a Jam-on-top-of-cream-scone life.’