Guest Blog: Jack Dean on the Exeter Fringe Festival

Jack’s show Infinite Hex: A Drunk Podcast will be recorded live at the festival every night from Monday to Saturday.

[A poem made from cut-ups of the Exeter Fringe Festival brochure’s show copy]


We locked the doors
don’t worry, you can laugh at them. They won’t mind.
a closeted Jehovah’s Witness
Channel swimmer,
sporting hero.
Ainsley Harriot
the ruling Nationalist group
two brothers
three witches,
two sisters
Five parties
our team of playwrights
two clowns
two unlikely companions
3 disabled people
the Well-Armed Woman.
a criminal kingpin,
locked in a room together

With their country facing complete nuclear annihilation,
We told them that they had 24 hours to tell a story about togetherness,

At first comforted by memories of a privileged past,
they share birth stories
share embroidered artworks
share a pot of stew
share stories of her triumphs and her heartbreak.
Share the pleasure of playing gypsy jazz and hot swing.
Together in the darkness.

but with outrageous accents
bold talking
a system he dislikes
they revise what they think is right and wrong.
began to quarrel, and then to fight…

Alf snatches and grabs without a care,
Joan packs a punch,
Armed with only a drum
Armed with many costumes
Armed with seven chairs
50 minutes of ghoulish death.
155 people survived.

what disasters would follow?
Can childish playfulness keep us from being unimagined for good?
Can unlikely companions learn to share and play together?
can someone work out how we can live on Mars?
one of those rare beasts who garners both critical praise and mainstream success?

everything is wrong to someone.
take a risk on something else,
find something they would enjoy.
there’s something for you.
We can’t wait to see you there.