Guest Blog: Richard Lindesay from the International Joke Off

Richard Lindesay’s show The International Joke Off takes place at The Barnfield Theatre on Friday 26 July at 9pm.

In 2017 I moved from London out toward the lovely South West of the UK, and started getting involved in the local comedy scenes. My style of comedy is based upon short jokes and I was quickly compared to another local comedian, Alf. It wasn’t long before I met Alf and shortly thereafter we decided to put on a show together at the Leicester Comedy Festival.

At first we thought we’d do a show where Alf and I took the stage for half of the time each, but then upon reflection we thought we would rather do something a little different. We enjoyed the idea of adding a competitive element to the show and also thought it would be fun to do something that would challenge us.

The idea of International Joke Off was born. It gave us the opportunity to perform the best of our comedy routines, but also compete against each other by making jokes up on the night based upon audience suggestions. And the audiences took to it really nicely and the Leicester Comedy Festival show sold out.

And from there the show has gone from strength to strength, and has now been performed several times throughout the UK and once in Australia. A particularly successful step forward was when we invited Richard James to be our resident host which brought the show together nicely with his friendly and confident compering. Later we also started bringing in guest acts to perform short sets while Alf and I frantically wrote the jokes from the audience topics.

So if you’re into jokes, and not just some jokes, but lots and lots of jokes, then come along. And make sure you bring with you any topics that you’d like to hear jokes about. And on the night, get involved, tell us the topics, and be sure to cheer for your favourite.