Guest Blog: Running Out

Jake’s running out of time…and that’s never been a problem for him before…

His strange ability to stop time has gotten him out of some scrapes in the past but nothing comes without a price.

If you could pause moments of your life which would you choose? To stay in the happy ones or postpone the horrible ones? Do you sometimes have to let the clock run on?

On talking to writer, Jon Nash, about his thoughts behind ‘Running Out’ he said:

‘For a while I’ve wanted to write a one-person show (especially to work with long-time collaborator of mine Ryan Wilce) and thought for a while about what that might be. As a 90s kid I had fond memories of ‘Bernard’s Watch’ the cbbc programme where a small boy gets a magical watch that can pause time, allowing him to move around and get out of tricky situations. I began to wonder what Bernard would be like in his 20s with that power and what kind of trouble it might get him into. I ditched the magic watch and decided our character Jake would find out he had this power as a child and the first piece I wrote (based on a terrible childhood memory I had of falling down a steep valley in the village I grew up in) saw him accidentally pause time during an accident. I knew then he was telling this story to someone to explain or justify his actions in the present and the story grew from there (with Ryan’s help). This is Bernards Watch for grown-ups…magic and silly but also with something to say about the issues of young men today.’

Running Out is a new writing with a sci-fi twist. A one-man comedy drama about standing still and moving on.