Guest Blog: Victoria Sherwood on Peacocking!

Peacocking is now sold out! Email [email protected] to be added to the waiting list for tickets.

A comedy show about dating in the 21st century, particularly looking at online dating … current, relatable and very funny! Everyone at some point in their lives has had a bizarre or terrible date, whether that be through awkwardly walking up to someone in a bar or meeting a stranger from a dating site and hoping they aren’t a secret assassin.

Why call my show Peacocking! … well, that is how I see modern dating, Peacocks dance to entice their mates and that’s exactly what we do when we chat to someone online we give this illusion of being a beautiful, extravagant person when really most of us are awkward and filled with anxiety. I like to think of this show as a positive experience of dating and all its hilarious points; that celebrates men & women and their behaviours.
When I completed my Acting degree in June 2018, I had no desire to write or perform for a long while. I began dating again after 2 years of hard work focusing on my degree and it soon became apparent to me that dating in our current technological world was impossible and barbaric. The games you must play to make sure you don’t seem too keen or interested; you shouldn’t reply straight away otherwise that might make you look too desperate – which frankly is insane, but we all do it because you don’t want to lose that one decent person who has agreed to see you more than once!

After Christmas I started to get a creative twinge to do something and for months people had been telling me that my stories about dating were hilarious and that I should write a book. So, I began to write these stories down and extract the funny elements from them, I never thought I would do anything with them other than keep them for something in the future. I met up with some friends from University in the New Year and told them about the stories I had written, and they said I should apply for the Exeter Fringe Festival and ‘put myself out there’. Shrugging off the idea as I usually do, thinking I just have stories and no show to present to them and I can’t possibly do this on my own, I ignored the idea completely.

Until the night before the application deadline where I am stood in my kitchen filling out the application form whilst messaging my mother for ideas to create a show that didn’t exist, because why shouldn’t I give it a go and create a show to perform to the general public. I was confident I would not be selected but it was well worth applying for the experience. So, it was a huge shock to be told I had been accepted and given a slot, screaming excitement quickly turned into fear but I pulled on my big girl pants and said yes! And here we are with my first ever sold out one-woman comedy show – Peacocking!