The Barnfield Theatre

This list contains all events in the Exeter Fringe Festival performance programme taking place at The Barnfield Theatre. Further events lists are as follows:

How Did I Get Here?

Making Waves Theatre Company and Exeter Northcott Kickstart Company

Fri 15 Oct 2021 07:00PM | £6

After a dark event in Alex’s life, her parents force her to enter a treatment centre for young people, where she attempts to work out exactly how she got here.

How Did I Get Here? is both a joyously funny and deeply moving piece of new writing, created in collaboration between Making Waves Theatre Company and young artists on Exeter Northcott’s Kickstart Programme. It explores mental health in young people, and asks how we can love ourselves and better understand other people.

The Wounded King

Katy Cawkwell, Ronnie Conboy & Lisa Schneidau

Fri 15 Oct 2021 08:30 PM | £12 (£10.50 conc.)

Fools in the wasteland. Cracks in the kingdom. Warriors sleeping under the hill. How to heal the wounds? How to speak truth? Is it really magic, or just knowing where to look? Fragments of Arthurian legend that reflect the times we are living through now. Woven together with song and hope and humanity.

Barney The Horse

Josephine’s Stories, with Josephine Helen and Ashleigh Summer Edwards

Sat 16 Oct 2021 12:00 PM | £12 (£10.50 conc.)

In this interactive children’s show, we meet Barney the horse…but Barney is no ordinary horse – he’s got feet the size of the biggest clouds you’ve ever seen in the sky! Sometimes his feet get in the way of his adventures, but one sunny afternoon Barney visits the beach and decides to give swimming a try – will he succeed? Or will he let his feet get in the way of his newfound dreams?

Aimed at ages 5-10

Who Cares Now?

Isabel Flynn, Alice Brown-Tunnell, Amy Fawcet

Sat 16 Oct 2021 08:30 PM | £12 (£10.50 conc.)

March 2020 happens and Izzy is back on the job hunt. After navigating the dramas of temporary jobs at Amazon and Dominos, she eventually settles in a job working in domiciliary care. In keeping with her oblivious nature, she’s surprised to find out it’s a bit more than wiping bums and making your Nan a cup of tea in the morning.

From discussing the quality of the male anatomy on Naked Attraction with her favourite client, 89-year-old Joan, to holding someone’s hand through their Dad’s last moments, join Izzy in her chaotic confessional of working in care over the last year.

Told through a mix of stand-up, visual storytelling, and lairy voice notes sent to her housemates during breaks, this explosion of energy is for anybody who has lost a job, found a job, or cares about the vulnerable people in their life.

Annette Gregory & Friends – Jazz & Me

Sat 16 Oct 2021 07:00 PM | £12 (£10.50 conc.)

Annette will be bringing some original songs created during the lockdown in celebration of her mother and her love of jazz. She wants to share her musical heritage of reggae and soul music, giving some of her favourite songs a jazz feel, but still leaving room for those classic standards. Annette would love for you to come and share the delights of Jazz music with her.

This project is being supported by Arts Council England.

As You Like It

Sun & Moon Theatre

Sun 17 Oct 2021 12:00 PM | £12 (£10.50 conc.)

“I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it”

After a sold-out performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Exeter Fringe Festival 2019, Sun & Moon Theatre return to the Fringe with As You Like It, one of Shakespeare’s best-loved comedies.

In the corporate, tech-obsessed world of the Court, the present is grinding and the future feels bleak. But when Rosalind is abruptly dismissed, she and her cousin, Celia, seize the opportunity for a fresh start, embracing the liberty of the bohemian Forest of Arden. They experience love, change and the thrill of empowerment, switching off, and ‘wasting’ time.

Performed by a multi-rolling ensemble of five, this jubilant production serves as a reminder to do what you love and remember how to live!

As You Like It originally toured in 2018 but has been revived for 2021, finding new relevance as we yearn for digital detox and a desire to be connecting with others again.

Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare

odd & meticulous

Sun 17 Oct 2021 07:00 PM | £12 (£10.50 conc.)

“The fearful passage of their death-marked love”
We know how it ends. How did it come to this?

As we follow Romeo and Juliet, we discover how brief their brief time together is. We witness how their feelings of isolation and alienation force them to go to extreme lengths to hold onto the only person who they feel truly connected to.

Written over 400 hundred years ago, Romeo and Juliet still presents us with questions that are incredibly relevant: young love & infatuation, conformity & protest, violence & suicide.

Looking solely at the title characters, this intimate, all-male adaptation immerses the audience in the intensity, angst and infatuation of their relationship.

Stories At The End Of The World

Yet To Be

Sun 17 Oct 2021 08:30 PM | £12 (£10.50)

This isn’t a love story. There’s enough of them already. This is about you. This is about me. This is about the way the world ends.

It could be a tsunami that starts in the Atlantic or an asteroid that changes its direction in space in a way we could never predict or simply that all the bees disappear. But let’s try to put that to the back of our minds. Something equally important is also about to happen: I’m going to meet you.

stories at the end of the world is an innovative coming of age story. It mixes storytelling, science, facts and botched house moves as it delves into memories of growing up, our best friends and how someone can obsess over all the terror alerts, cross-continental pandemics, climate change and erupting volcanoes that the world can throw at us.

This isn’t a love story. But it is also about love.

Written by Corinne Furness

Developed with support from Leeds Playhouse and the Bike Shed Theatre.