What’s On 2021 – New Writing 1

Yay!: The Search for Happiness

Robert Garnham

17 Oct 07:00PM | £12 (£10.50 conc.)

Robert is a poet. And he’s happy. Or is he? After the death of a favourite aunt, he decides to find out exactly what it means to be happy. He ends up as a poet-in-residence on a fish factory ship in a search for contentment on the high seas. What could possibly go wrong? Comedy and poetry collide head on in this new show from the Professor of Whimsy.

Stories At The End Of The World

Yet To Be

Sun 17 Oct 2021 08:30 PM | £12 (£10.50)

“There have been five mass extinctions in the earth’s history. All the evidence we have – all the evidence that scientists have – is that we’re about to reach the sixth mass extinction.”

There’s a tsunami about to start in the Atlantic, an asteroid changing its direction in space and in England the bees are disappearing. But something equally important is also about to happen: I’m going to meet you.

An innovative and urgent coming of age story about fear, best friends and growing up in a world of heightened terror alerts, cross continental pandemics and climate change.

Developed with support from the West Yorkshire Playhouse and the Bike Shed Theatre.

Written by Corinne Furness.

Saving Britney

Fake Escape

17 Oct 08:30PM | £12 (£10.50 conc.)

“I fell in love instantly. From the moment I saw her on CD:UK. Cat Deeley introducing her like John The Baptist preparing the way of the Lord…”

For Millennials like Jean, they grew up with Britney Spears. Over the course of an hour see how the Princess of Pop influenced Jean’s life and how the connections shared between them lead to an unbelievable moment of self-discovery.

Inspired by the #FreeBritney movement, Saving Britney is a hilarious and heartbreaking look at celebrity obsession, sexuality and growing up in the early noughties; featuring more nostalgia than you can shake a Tamagochi at!

Who Cares Now?

Isabel Flynn, Alice Brown-Tunnell, Amy Fawcet

Sat 16 Oct 2021 08:30 PM | £12 (£10.50 conc.)

March 2020 happens and Izzy is back on the job hunt. After navigating the dramas of temporary jobs at Amazon and Dominos, she eventually settles in a job working in domiciliary care. In keeping with her oblivious nature, she’s surprised to find out it’s a bit more than wiping bums and making your Nan a cup of tea in the morning.

From discussing the quality of the male anatomy on Naked Attraction with her favourite client, 89-year-old Joan, to holding someone’s hand through their Dad’s last moments, join Izzy in her chaotic confessional of working in care over the last year.

Told through a mix of stand-up, visual storytelling, and lairy voice notes sent to her housemates during breaks, this explosion of energy is for anybody who has lost a job, found a job, or cares about the vulnerable people in their life.